Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baby and Toddler Snacks

This is a list of gluten-free - and often organic and allergy-friendly - snacks for babies and toddlers. As a mother, I aim to make everything at home, but sometimes you just need something to throw in the diaper bag for outings or emergencies.

Our rules for snacks:
- gluten-free
- dairy-free
- no artificial colors or flavours
- preferably organic
- preferably preservative-free
- preferably 5 or less ingredients
- able to buy them in Canada!

Enjoy Life
Chewy granola bars, crunchy rice or flax cereal (contains honey).

Kettle Valley Dried Fruit Co.
Fruit leather sticks, easy to mush.

Lots of flavours of chewy fruit and nut bars.

Little Duck Organics
100% fruit, organic, gluten-free dried fruit snacks. Comes in apple & banana, blueberry & apple, and strawberry & mango flavours.

Mott's Fruitsations Fruit Rockets
Squeezable applesauce that - in theory! - is a no-mess snack that is healthy too! This product was recently released, so it's difficult to find information on it, but I found these in Shopper's Drug Mart.

Snack bars, dried fruits, and granola. Most products seems to be gluten-free. We love the coconut bars because they're simple - just two ingredients!

Quaker Rice Cakes
Gluten-free and made with brown rice.

Yogavive Apple Chips
Organic oven-baked and popped apple chips in a variety of flavours.

Non-Brand Name Snacks
- Coconut shreds, chips, or flakes
- Organic raisins

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